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Online Cab Booking turned out to be a disruptive idea that generated millions of revenues for companies. With the convenience of a smartphone, users can book cabs with ease. The users are now able to get a cab at whatever time they choose and can have complete power over their trip plans. The carbon emission is also reduced by aggregating riders wanting to go to nearby destinations. Over the years, companies have turned unicorns with billions of verified and safe rides for their users.

So, if you are thinking about your next big idea, Cab Booking might be it. We have a complete service for you regardless of the size of your operations. Whether you want to operate in a small city or entire country, we have your back. With our integrated solutions, you can focus more on marketing and acquiring customers instead of wasting time on app building.

Features of our Cab Booking App
User App:
     1.When the user first uses the app, they have to register. This is only a one-step process. The user enters their phone number and OTP is read automatically.
     2.Users are automatically taken to “Book my ride” tab. Here, they have 2 options for cab booking: “Ride Now” or “Ride Later”. “Ride Now” searches for available drivers nearby whereas “Ride Later” is used for scheduling cab rides.
    3.Users can view their ride history by selecting the options icon.
    4.Users can view their profile and edit their name, email, and phone number. They can also add their address.
    5.Users can add their emergency contact under the “My Profile” sections.
    6.Users can view their trip history by going to “My Rides” in Options.
    7.Users can also track other riders using their “Ride ID” using the “Track Others” option.
    8.Users can add money into their wallets using “My Wallet”. Here, they can earn credits through referrals and other offers that the business can implement to increase customer loyalty.
    9.Users can see their transactions for the rides by going to “My Wallet” and selecting “Your transactions”
   10.Customers are free to view the rate cards to compare prices for different vehicles in different cities. These rates are visible under “Others” tab and the prices are displayed in a “per km” fashion.
   11.Customers can contact support by navigating to “Support” under Options. This allows them to raise tickets and get clarity on some issues related to the ride.

Driver App:
  1.The driver can go online by switching to “Available” state by clicking the switch icon on the homepage.
  2.The driver can view scheduled rides by going to “New Rides” under Options.
  3.The driver can view their trip history under “My Rides” section.
  4.The driver can view their Profile information by going to “My Profile” under Options.
  5.The driver can update the vehicle information by uploading the appropriate documents to “Manage Vehicle” tab.
  6.The driver’s uploaded documents upon verification can go online and start taking trips. The last verified information will be visible under “Driver Official” tab.
  7.The driver can view their earnings on the home page. Though these numbers are only for a single day, drivers can navigate to “Monthly Report” under Options, and view their monthly earning via the app.
  8.Drivers can also contact support by selecting the option icon and tapping “Support” to raise an issue.

Significance of our Cab Booking App
Easy to Use: Our app is designed to be user-friendly. This means that users won’t find it difficult to make a booking meaning more revenue for your business.
Completely Customizable: Don’t like the way something looks? No problem! Everything is modular and features can be changed as per the business needs.
Be in Control: The admin side can monitor driver and rider activities. Suspicious behavior from users can be monitored and if required, removed.
Technical Support: We offer technical support for all your business needs. Regardless of where you are running your business from, we offer three months of technical support for your business.
With our Cab Booking solution, you can get one step closer to starting your online business. With startups increasing every day, now is the right time for you to get started with your next big idea. The businesses are recovering after the pandemic, so you can customize our readymade Cab Booking solution and implement it in your own way to take full advantage of this situation.

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