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The wedding services business can be an excellent rewarding career. The work of these sites is focused on helping the bride and groom to have the happiestday of their lives,managing expenses within budgets, and sticking to schedules. People never stop getting married, so the business opportunities for wedding services never diminish. It is a well-known fact that what prevents most people from starting a wedding services website is the fear of failure and the inability to make a living fromit. So many people are missing out on their dream careers because they don't have access to the industry secrets to turning their business into six-digit wedding business. Are you looking for ways to start your wedding services website? Then you are on the right page. i- Net Solution offers you an Advanced Wedding Services Script that enables you to create your wedding services website. The PHP Matrimonial Script is developed by skilled professionals to meet all your wedding business requirements.

Features of the Advanced Wedding Services Script

Visitor side

-          Visitors can find “Browse services by category” and “Browse services by location” on the Home page.

-          Visitors can view the “Best wedding services” with their ratings.

-          Visitors can view the service experience of the company.

-          Visitors can view the services offered, service charges, business timings, company info, contact info, and more.

-          Visitors can view the Reviews and ratings of the company.

-          Visitors can view the Top Wedding Services and sort the companies based on the service experience of the company.

-          Visitors can submit their feedback by filling out the “contact us” form.

User side

Registered User Features

-          Registered users can view the “My Reviews” and “My Bookings” options in the dashboard.

-          Registered users can view their Booking list and cancel their Booking.

-          Registered user can post their reviews and also view the review of other users.

Register a Company

-          Registered users can register their desired company by clicking the “Register a Company” option.

-          Registered users will receive an e-mail from the company in response to the request.

-          If the admin rejects the request sent to the Company, then registered users can resend the request by providing their valid company details.

Company side

-          Registered companies can view the Bookings and count of reviews of the users.

-          Registered companies can submit their details like business timings and years of experience.

-          Registered companies can view the reviews of the users.

-          Registered companies can view, accept or decline the user’s booking.

Admin side

-          Admin can view total registered users, wedding services, bookings, and count of reviews.

-          Admin can view the recently booked services, recent users, recent agents, and more.

-          Admin can create, edit and delete the categories.

-          Admin can add, view, edit and delete the User profile.

-          Admin can add, view, edit and delete the Company profile.

-          Admin can approve or reject the request sent to the desired company by the user.

-          Admin can view, activate or deactivate, and delete the user reviews.

-          Admin can view the user’s booking and have access to delete the booking request.

-          Admin can view and has access to delete the user’s feedback.

-          Admin can reply to user’s feedback via Email.

Pros of our Advanced Wedding Services Script

Free technical support - i-Net Solution provides free technical support for 3 months.

Customizable - Our expert members and script developers can help in the customization of the script as per your requirements.

Build your network - With our Advanced Wedding Services Script, you have numerous growth opportunities. By building relationships with customers and suppliers, you can quickly build networks at both personal and business levels. You can also use these relationships to grow your business.

Grow your income - If you place yourself well, you can quickly make your website a leading wedding planning service site. With dedication and effort, you can make more income.

Final thoughts

If you're looking for a creative career or want more flexibility in your work, wedding services is a great option. Build your wedding services website with our Readymade Wedding Directory Script.



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