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With increasing online shoppers in recent days, rental companies are quickly adopting an e-commerce platform. Rental webstores provide customers with an affordable, easy-to-access, and convenient alternative for renting. E-commerce sales continue to grow each year, and the vast majority of consumers now prefer to buy online rather than long trips to stores. 

About i-Net Solution

 i-Net Solution strives to empower the equipment sales and rental industry with the latest high-class software while providing outstanding service and support. With industry-specific features and best practices, the i-Net Solution has proven to transform the way businesses operate rental departments. So, are you looking for ways to increase your profit margin, reduce your operating expenses and increase your sales? Then with no further wait build your online presence and start your online rental business now with our E-commerce Rental Software. Let's see how our E-commerce Rental Software can help you excel in your rental business.

 Significant features of E-commerce Rental Software

 Visitor side 

Search - Users can perform category-based searches using the “Browse By Categories” option to find their desired product. The “Type Your Keyword” option enables users to search the products with less input from the user’s side. 

Sort - Users can sort the categories of the product by “Quick Categories Sort”. Further, the listed products can be sorted based on customer ratings, visitor’s count, “Posted by” date of the product, price, and more. Visitors can view the product details by clicking on the “More Details” option. 

Check out and feedback - Our advanced “Refine search” option helps users to filter the products by category, sub-category, price range, country, state, and city options. Users can view their cart list before checkout. Feedback can be filled in the “Contact Us” form. 

Product details - Product id, price, specifications, and image gallery of the product are displayed to the user. The name and address of the vendor are provided. 

Users can add the products to their wish list by clicking the “Wishlist” option. And, selected products can be added to the cart after specifying the number of rental days and clicking the “Proceed” option. 

 Users can share the link of the product through social platforms with their family and friends. Users can report the product to be inappropriate by clicking on the “Report this product” option. “Recommended Products for You” enables the user to find the products by featured order.

 “Related Products” helps users to view the product list based on the selected category. 

 Admin side

Admin can access all the features, view detailed information about the users, products, reported product details, Booking details, membership management, report management and manage the general settings like site Url, logo, home page banner image, CMS contents and social links. 

Admin can view the user enquires and can reply to them 

 E-commerce Rental Software – A great fit for rental business 

Online bookings made simple - Users can easily book the equipment through your website. Our software is fully responsive and provides customers with a seamless booking experience on any device. 

Customer satisfaction - Excellent customer service is our main goal. Our E-commerce Rental Software helps the clients exceed customer expectations. Customers benefit from a self-service portal where they can search for available equipment in real-time at real-time prices, including discounts and rental rates. 

Free Support - We provide our clients with free technical support for three months. 

Bottom line 

Our E-commerce Rental Software has all the tools to help you grow your business with ease. It aims to help you manage rental properties, invoices, and customers in a single space. That's why our rental software is designed for all rental industries and reduces costs while helping you meet increasing competition. To that end, our E-commerce Rental Software focuses on ease of use and customization that makes it easy to personalize everything from client settings to the look and feel of your online store.


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