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The market for on-demand delivery is booming. The rapid growth of the on-demand delivery sector is increased by online websites and application-based digital platforms. Almost anything may be delivered to your house with a single tap of a smartphone. The fastest way to sell a company's product/services is through an on-demand delivery service. Food delivery, health and care, fitness solutions, and many other services can be availed in no time. On-demand delivery is one of the most common platforms where the customers receive a direct service/product from the seller/company. It eases the process of getting a product/service for consumers.

Kickstart your delivery service business with the Courier Delivery App of i-Net Solution. Our multi-functional app can be used according to your needs. You can use our app for the following services or more.

On-demand food/groceries delivery

On-demand home service

On-demand transportation/logistics

On-demand medicine

Need for Courier Tracking App 

With the advent of new technologies, the majority of delivery app development companies are offering intriguing features. We, at i-Net Solution, make Courier Tracking Android Mobile Application development simple and functional, with rapid delivery, secure services, and international shipping options. To make our delivery app seem remarkable with the greatest consumer base, we integrate great features in a customer-centric app. 

Core features of our Courier delivery app

User app 

Users can select a vehicle as per their requirements. We offer truck, van, and bike options.

Users can add a pickup location and select a delivery location.

Users can choose either the “Deliver later” or “Deliver Now” option based on their needs.

Users can add emergency contact numbers and wallet amounts can be transferred only to those contacts.

Users can view their booked deliveries under the “My Bookings” option.

Users can track the package using the live tracking option.

After delivery, users can view the invoice for delivery.

Users can give ratings to the driver.

If the delivery status is pending, users can cancel the delivery.

Users can earn credits by making referrals. They can view the referral count and credits earned.

Users can add money and make money transfers.

Payment can be made in three ways


  • Wallet payment
  • Online payment – PayPal
  • Cash

    • Users can share the app with their friends via social media.

    Users should pay additional charges for extra distance or time taken for delivery.

    Users can check the location of the driver after delivery. They can also make a call to the driver.

    After OTP verification at the receiver side, the delivery process will be completed.

    Driver App
    • Drivers should upload photos of the required documents.
    • The driver can make himself available by clicking “toggle switch” at the top of the page.
    • Drivers can see the received notifications by clicking on the bell icon.
    • Drivers can view, accept or reject the Delivery requests.
    • After accepting the request, the driver can select the pickup points one by one.
    • Drivers can make a call to the user for clarifications.
    • After the OTP verification at the receiver end, delivery will be completed.
    • After delivery, the driver can collect the money through online or direct payment methods.
    • Drivers can collect extra money for extra time and distance covered. 
    • Drivers can view their monthly Delivery report and payment status.
    • Drivers can view and update their vehicle details on this page.
    • Drivers can edit or update the previously uploaded documents.

    Admin View  

    The Admin dashboard serves as an administrative home page with access to key components of the app.

    Admin can view the list of registered users and search the specific user by date of registration.

    Admin can manage the referral credits earned by the user.

    Admin can view and manage the drivers’ list.

    Admin can view the delivery list, delivery status, and payment status.

    Admin can manage vehicle details and package details.

    Admin can view the reviews and ratings of the drivers.

    Admin can view, add and delete the FAQs.

    Admin can view the payment status and amount paid to the drivers.

    After each delivery, the admin can manage the admin commission.

    Rate cards and FAQ sections are managed by the admin.

    Significance of our app

    Our Courier Tracking App is a platform that allows businesses to reach a larger audience.

    Easy management is possible with our Courier Delivery App.

    Higher security is offered by the delivery boy app.

    It strengthens consumer relationships while also increasing the value of the company's brand.

    It reduces risk and gives clients a handy option.


    As the need for delivery services grows, the market opportunity grows as well. Our experts make sure that the app can properly convey and give the finest to the consumer while maintaining the highest level of security while designing it. Reach i-Net Solution now!

    User Demo


    Driver Demo

    Admin Demo

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