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A Job Portal is a website that serves as a bridge between employers and job seekers. They form the backbone of almost every recruitment process. Creating a job portal allows recruiters and job seekers to connect and grow together. You can help employers to post jobs and search for resumes.

Create your own job portal now

Several issues related to the data collection process, data storage, and sorting of candidates according to the number of vacancies make the manual recruitment process tedious. We, i-Net Solution, help you to simplify this process. We provide you with a Job Portal Script that can help you to create the latest and professional job portal without any prior technical knowledge requirements. Our advanced Job Portal Script helps you meet your hiring needs and eliminate talent mismatch. 

Key features of our job portal script

Candidate Login
In the dashboard, users can view their basic details, number of views for their profile, number of companies they are following, their uploaded cv, and more. 
The special feature is that the user can view the way how their profile is displayed to the companies or recruiters. Users can make use of the advanced “Search” option to look for jobs based on their degree level, career level, skills, and more. Users can also share the job details with their friends. 

Users can view the details of the top recruiters. They can even follow or send messages to the recruiter. Users can purchase suitable membership packages based on their job requirements and length of the membership term, through payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and PayU. Employer’s login Users can browse the job seekers based on their skill sets and details. 

They can view the testimonial detail and latest blogs posted by the admin. In the dashboard, users can view the number of jobs posted by them and the number of followers of their company. Employers can purchase suitable membership packages based on their job requirements and length of the membership term, through payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and PayU. 

They can view the current membership package and can also upgrade the membership package. Users can edit the profile details of their company and change the logo of the company. They can also view how their company profile will be visible to the jobseekers. Users can view, edit and delete the posted jobs. They can view the list of hired candidates and rejected candidates. 

Employers are allowed to access the unlocked profiles of job seekers. Admin view In the dashboard, admins can view the statistics of employers and job seekers, and statistics of the jobs posted. Admin can post the job updates of the featured companies in the top list. Admin can change the entire site settings, logo, and favicon of the system. They can manage the mail operations and can switch from normal mail to SMTP. Admin can manage the social network links, and the network address of YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. 

Why i-Net Solution? 

Helps in Brand promotion - Our advanced Job Portal Script enables you to develop a job portal that increases the chance of attracting great talent by promoting your brand and business around the world. 

Reduces cost and time - In real-time, the interaction between the employer and the candidate takes a long time. With the help of our Job Portal Script, you can develop your own job portal so that the cost of the recruitment process is reduced by eliminating data redundancy and inconsistencies. 

Free support - We provide you with 3 months free support. You can also customize your portal as per your needs. Final thoughts So, create your own job portal with our Job Portal Script to recruit qualified candidates at a relatively low cost. 

Let your job Portal help many applicants to find the right job, and the companies to save money and time, and hire the best candidates.



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