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An E-commerce platform is an online platform that acts as a bridge between multi-sellers and customers with a single hub. Here, vendors/sellers list and sell bulk products. As a central source (admin), you can earn commission prices based on the sales made. When purchasing an item, the customer pays the admin. Then the admin deducts the commission while sending the money to the seller. 

In the E-commerce platform, both the sellers and consumers play a major role. Sellers use this online platform to sell their products while consumers find products, browse in their shopping carts, and then check out. i-Net Solution offers you an advanced Multi-seller Marketplace Script that enables you to build your own E-commerce platform. 

Key features of Multi-seller Marketplace Script

Visitor side
Users can make use of the “Type your keyword” option to search their desired product in less time. 

Under “Browse by Category”, users can search for the products listed under categories and sub-categories. 

Under “Explore Nearby”, users can view the ratings of the product and the product details by clicking the image of the product. 


On the Category page, users can find the “Quick Category Sort” column in which products are listed by categories. 

The “Refine Search” option helps users to perform deep-search by filtering out products based on categories, sub-categories, price range, country, state, and city. 

Users can add the products to the wishlist by clicking on the “Wishlist” button. They can also share the product details with their friends through social media. 

My Cart 

Users can view their cart list before check-out. 

Users can also view the name & address of the vendor. 

My Order 

User can view their order lists and the status of their order. They can upload the payslip of the product to confirm the order. Users can write reviews about the products they bought.

Vendor side 

Vendors can view their products list. They can add the new product, and edit or delete the added product. 

Vendors can view their products that are added to the wishlist by the users. They can view their products that are moved in the user’s cart. 

Vendors with membership packages can mark their products as “Featured products”. Membership packages are available based on the length of the membership term. 

Admin side 


Admin can view total registered users, Products, and Reviews. 
Site settings

• General Settings - Admin can manage the general settings like site Url, Admin mail id, logo, and social links. 

• CMS - Admin can manage the details including a contact address, contact number and About Us, Terms & conditions, and privacy & policy details. 

• Bank Details - Admin can update the bank details of the user for offline payment. 

User Management 

Admin can add, view, edit and delete the User profile. They can activate or deactivate the User account. 

Review management 

Admin can view and manage all the reviews posted by the user. They have access to delete any reviews of the user. 

Order Management 

Admin can manage all the orders placed by the users. They can view the payment status and delivery status of the ordered products. 

Sales report 

Admin can view the product sales report and user purchase report. 

User Feedback Management 

Admin has access to view the feedback of the user and delete it. 

Admin can reply to the feedback of the user via Email. 

Why do you need our Multi-seller Marketplace Script? 

Sophisticated platform 

i-Net Solution offers you an advanced Multi-seller Marketplace Script that builds an E-commerce platform to facilitate the customer's purchasing process and prevent system failures and technical issues. 

Easy money-making platform 

You can earn more with your powerful & easy-to-use E-commerce platform built with our Multi-seller Marketplace Script. 

Free support 

Our script is 100% customizable and we provide our clients with free support for 3 months. 

Bottom line 

So, with no further delay create your robust, high-standard, and scalable E-commerce platform with our Multi-seller Marketplace Script. You can use your E-commerce online store to expand the range of products/services you sell, grow your business, attract more customers, and diversify your sales. This is an ideal way to transform your brand from a traditional physical store to an innovative and popular store.


User side:

user name:

Password :123456


Admin Side

Username :admin

Password : inetsol


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