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Advanced Real Estate Script

The real estate market is full of interesting business opportunities. A few years back, it can be said that this industry is hardly responsive to innovation. People couldn't imagine the process of buying a property or home without the involvement of a broker or agent. People didn't have access to the information they needed to invest in real estate. But times have changed and digital technology is now firmly established in the real estate business. In recent years, digital innovation has enriched the real estate market. The conservative image of the industry is changing. So, it’s a good time to start your new business in this space. The i-Net solution provides you with Real Estate PHP Scripts to assist you to build your Real estate website.

Let’s have a look at the main features of our Advanced Real Estate Script.

Important features of our Script

As seen on the Magicbricks website, users can find the “Search” and “Advanced Search” options on the Home page.

Additionally, users can view Featured properties, Featured projects, Builder’s galleries, and more.

User side

Search property

In the “Advanced search” column users can filter the properties based on their requirements.

Users can find the properties tagged as “For Sale” and “For Rent” and choose their desired property.


Description page

Users are directed to an attractive description page after selecting their desired property.

Users can view the images, description, and price of the property. Also, the features and amenities are mentioned on the description page.

Users can contact the property owner.

Users can view the local area map of the property.


Register and Login

Users can get registered as ‘Individual’ or ‘Builder’.

Users can add a new property and maintain existing property details under the “Manage Property” option.

Users can post and manage their requirements under the “Add/Manage Requirement” option.

Users can choose their membership packages based on the price and validity period of the package.


Users can select the category of the property in the “Advanced search” option.

After selecting the property, the user can view the image of the property and property details such as the area of the property, features, amenities, price, etc.

Users can also view the local area map and video projection of the property.


Admin panel


Content management

Admin can add, delete or edit the details of the site.

Member management

Admin can manage the users with membership packages. Also, the admin can add a new member.

Admin can edit the membership details and upgrade the membership package of the users.

Property management

Admin can add, delete or edit the property details including the images, videos, and description.

Featured projects

Admin can view the details of existing featured projects, add new featured projects and access the project responses.

Property requirement

Admin can post the property requirements of the user.

Banner and Google ads

Admin can increase the revenue by displaying banner advertisements and Google ads.


Benefits of Advanced Real Estate Script

With our advanced script, buying and selling a property or home through your website can be made easy and convenient.

We offer you free technical support for 3 months.

Our software is 100% customizable as per your business requirements.

Real estate websites created with the advanced script of i-Net Solution will bring convenience to buyers and attract the attention of sellers. Buyers can see images, videos, and features of hundreds of properties before scheduling a live tour. Sellers who list their homes on these sites will benefit for the same reason. Hundreds of potential buyers can see their homes online without having to step into it.

Final point

So, are you still looking for ways to start your business? Make use of our Readymade Real Estate Script and start your Real Estate website now.

User Side
password: 123456

Admin Side

username: admin

password: inetsol

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