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Are you going to start an online car buying and selling platform? Then i-Net Solution can provide you with the necessary software that will help you manage your business easily.

Our Car Classified Script provides you with the best features to manage your script according to your business needs. You can manage the sellers list with their name, address, car models, brand, and car purchase date, etc through our advanced admin panel.

i-Net Solution provides buyers & customers to easily search the required car by filtering in categories such as brand name, model, year of purchase, and sellers details. We have more than 18+ years of software industry experience which allows us to develop script with better feature and response.

The buyers or customers can report on the cars listed on the website based on the details and conditions of the car.
The Car Classified script allows sellers to easily sell their cars on the site by a simple registration process. The seller can add details such as brand name, model, purchase year, seller name, and contact number. It also provides customers or buyers to search the car and check its conditions, customers can inquire about the car from seller in the script. i-Net Solution provides dashboard for sellers and buyers so they can easily manage and buy or sell cars.


Car Seller dashboard
i-Net Solution provides sellers and buyers with dashboard through which sellers can easily manage car details listed in script, buyers can do inquiry about car, and buyers can also follow their favorite sellers.
Admin dashboard
Our script provides you with dashboard through which you can modify the content, categorize the cars on the website and manage customers details such as username and password.
100% Customizable
Our scripts are easy to understand even a non-technical person can make the necessary changes in the script without our permission.
Social Media sharing
Customers can share Seller Ads on the scripts through their social media accounts easily.
SEO and User-friendly
Our script is SEO optimized for better page ranking. The script is designed in a user-friendly way so sellers can list their cars and customers can find them easily.

User Side :
Username :
Password : 123456
Admin Side :
Username : admin
Password : inetsol


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