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Before the pandemic, educational institutions and companies were virtually aware of the benefits of connecting with their students and employees. Today, many workers remain home even after the restrictions are lifted, so businesses need to adapt to this changing situation. By implementing education and training through the “Learning management system (LMS)”, organizations can reach the entire audience, regardless of the location. LMS is a great choice for those who want to connect and share information with their team, without the hassle of inviting a calendar or scheduling a meeting room. 

You're probably looking for your first learning management system if you're reading this. The i-Net solution provides you with PHP Learning Management System (LMS) Scripts that help you satisfy all your regulatory requirements. 

 Key features of our LMS

On the Home page, users can find a search bar, featured courses, top professors, and more. 

Student login

After successful login, students can see the Header part with your company logo, main menu, and user name. 

Students can register themselves as a teacher by clicking on the “Become Teacher” option provided at the top left corner of the profile page. 

Students can go to the Home page by clicking on the company logo. 

By selecting a particular course, students will be led to a sub-menu page. Students can search for courses, select categories, sort the courses based on provided filters, and view popular courses. 

Students can view detailed information about the courses. Students can also view the syllabus, instructor of the course, PDF added by the instructor, and reviews. 

Students can view the options such as Play demo video, Add to cart, Add to wishlist, and View ratings and reviews. 

Students can view the details of the lecturer or professor, view their rating, and the number of their lectures. 

 Students can download free courses with no payment. 

 Students can avail premium courses by making offline payments. 

After adding the courses to the cart, students are directed to the billing page. 

Students can send messages to the lecturers and view their social media profiles. 

On the “Contact Us” page, students can send requests for account activation and reactivation. 

Students can also find your physical address and local area map. 

Teacher login 

Teachers can view the number of courses and students, reviews, and featured courses. 

Teachers can edit the course details and add new courses. 

Teachers can give complete details of the courses offered. 

Teachers can attach pdf documents if required. 

Teachers can view the courses in progress and courses added to the wishlist. 

Teachers can post both free courses and premium courses. 

In “Messages, " teachers can view the sent messages and inbox messages. 

Teachers can stop receiving promotional emails by editing their privacy settings. 

Teachers can delete their accounts if needed. 

Teachers can reactivate their accounts by contacting the admin. 

Admin login 

Admin can find the basic details about the students, courses, and recent updates in the dashboard. 

Admin can view the payment details of the student. Only after the admin’s approval, students can avail the courses for which the payment is made. 

Admin can view the profiles of lecturers and students. 

Admin can view the course details and categories of the courses. 

 Admin can view, edit or delete the testimonials. 

Admin can manage the payment details. 

Admin can view the enquiries of the students and respond to them. 

Significance of our script

Easy implementation – Our PHP LMS Script can be easily implemented in no time. You can provide all the academic programs, subject study guides, and training needed by the students. 

Easy access - Our LMS system can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere by simply connecting to the Internet from a smart device such as a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. 

Free technical support – We provided free technical support for 3 months. 

Customizable – Our LMS can be customized according to your requirements. 

Concluding notes 

There you go! No matter what industry you are in, you are guaranteed to save time and money by implementing the LMS PHP Script designed by the i-Net solution. Would you like to buy LMS from our expensive and clunky competitors, or use our affordable and easy-to-use LMS? It’s cheaper than paper!




password: 123456





password: 123456




username: admin

password: inetsol

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