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The basics of starting the own commercial 
Beauty Parlour Android Application is now made easy to manage the parlour management with the advanced management features and techniques in the user preferable customized mobile-friendly app, this beauty parlour app is engaging among the international campaign market with high scope and profit explore which includes advanced business plans and managing system to make appointments in the efficient way. This Beauty Parlour Android App is designed and customized by our Android experts with deep analyze for the users to gain profit in the profession of the cosmetology with a unique business standard design.

In our Hair Salon Apps for Android, the users and beauty service providers can register their account with the valid mail id and password, then the users can log-in to the system dashboard where they can find the profile to update their personal and contact information, the users can easily access the top beauty parlor listings which are displayed on the screen and also the users can search the required parlour by entering the location, category and options in the advanced search box filter to get fast and accurate result and response. Then the users can select the particular one by seeing the parlour profile with details like feedbacks, reviews, and ratings, price listings, etc. Then the user can book the appointment by entering the personal details, time and date etc. The user can also see their status updates in my status appointment features.

The Salon Appointment Book App for Android the beauty service providers can register their profile by submitting the company license, proofs and other details etc. The service providers can also add or update their profile details, descriptions, images, pricing listings etc, in simple and flexible.The user’s appointment requests are approved by the service providers where the users can get the instant notifications and updates through mail or SMS. The users can submit their reviews, feedbacks after the completion of the beauty services providers. The app is designed and structured as the reliable and made the compactable user interface which supports and fit in all the Android mobile display.

In this Hair Salon Apps for Android, the admin has authority to control the entire app management by granting the permissions to the user and service provider’s requests. The admin can manage the listings, user profile, and beauty parlour service provider’s profile in the efficient way, this app is made mainly to easily manage their business organization management with mobile-friendly and user-responsive app. We also included some more additional benefits for the users while purchasing the app.


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