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 Consumers currently choose to shop online for practically all fundamental necessities such as groceries to luxury things such as jewelry, vehicles, and other stuff. While the trend of placing orders for goods using smartphones and other forms of technology is increasing, research suggests that customers are willing to order liquor from the liquor store in favor of obtaining booze online.

So you want to start selling alcoholic beverages online? It's a smart business move. Choose i-Net solution. We can help you get started. E-commerce website builders of i-Net Solution are ideal for newcomers to technology because they combine design tools, beautiful templates, and customer support into one convenient package. Our Liquor Shop PHP Scripts has a unique set of features that will assist you in realizing your selling goals. Our software allows you to create your online store without the need for advanced computer skills, coding knowledge, or a dozen monitors.

Features of our script
A customized logo can be added to all the pages.
On the home page, users can find a search panel, new arrivals, best sellers, hot deals, and more.
Users can also access wishlist products and shopping carts from the home page.
Users can change the language and currency as per their choice.
Users can alter the view of the list of products according to their convenience.
Users can filter the products based on price.
Users can sort the products by popularity, rating, price, etc.
After successful login, user can view their recent orders.
Users can edit their shipping address and billing address.
Users can edit their account details and make changes to their passwords.
Users can view, compare, and wishlist the product by clicking on the image of a product.
Users can view the price and ratings of the product.
Users can view whether the product is in-stock or unavailable.
Users can view the actual price and discount price of the products.
Users can view the blogs describing the products and their quality.
On clicking on the image of the product, users can view the description, price, and reviews of the products. 
Users can add the products to the cart if they wish to buy.
Users can add comments about the product. Can also share the products with their friends via social media.
Users can view the related products, recently viewed products, vendor info, etc.
On the “cart” page, users can view the products added to the cart and their prices.
Users can apply coupon codes and update the cart.
Users can add special notes for delivery.
Users can view the billing details and order details during checkout. 
Users can make payments online or choose the “cash on delivery” option.
After the final check, users can place their orders.

Why choose i-Net Solution?
A large number of templates are designed specifically for selling beverages online.
You can sell across social media platforms.
Offer door-to-door delivery.
Adding a blog to your store is possible.
Our Liquor Store PHP scripts are ideal for beginners who are unfamiliar with the process of creating a website.
Payments can be made both online and in person.
Multi-currency functionality will derive customer satisfaction from the convenience of placing orders in regional currency.

For many businesses, including the liquor and wine industries, E-commerce has transformed the general trading scene. Regardless of the numerous benefits that the E-commerce business offers, liquor and wine producers are gradually shifting away from traditional offline purchasing and selling techniques toward the online marketplace. Using E-commerce website builders like i-Net Solution to launch your dream can help you accelerate sales and increase revenue.

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