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OYO Clone is a Global platform that empowers entrepreneurs and small businesses with hotels and homes by providing full stack technology that increases earnings and eases operations. With the evolution of on-demand applications, the way we do business in the modern world has been changed dramatically. They have digitized and streamlined the age-old methods of hotel booking by utilizing technology to its fullest extent. Customers of today prefer the ease of access and simplicity provided by hotel booking apps over the cumbersome process of booking through an agent or calling the hotel up and speaking with the receptionist. With the option to book hotels from anywhere and at any time, complete with useful information such as photos, a list of amenities, price comparison, locality, and more, hotel booking scripts are the way to go from any guest’s point of view.
Every business wishes to be one or other way the same and if you want to start a site over the internet using a web browser without any damage so this will be the best way you have chosen. This script for online hotel booking business that offers standard services for the customers as well as the hotel owners by providing advanced features and functionalities. 

Oyo clone script by i-Net solution is a meeting point for customers (Guest)and businesses developer from all over the India. Oyo clone app is a large network of tech-enabled budget hotel featured with highly scalable and beneficial characteristics. Bringing affordable and trusted accommodation that guests can book instantly. 

A popular Room Booking Website for you consisting of Multiple options. Our Script has all the relevant features such as Room/Reservation Management, Secure Payment Methods, Recommended, Destinations, etc. Additionally, our script provides multiple Room booking and listing options to smoothen the process of renting and room booking, Guest house, Mansion, Lodge or any other else. Our online booking system is much more flexible, that it can incorporate innovative business ideas. “OYO Clone” are among the most commonly used Hotel Room booking apps in India right now. It has become a popular destination for many people, Especially the YOUNGER Generation. Currently, the OYO Clone applications is India’s largest Hotel-Booking network and operates primarily in the Low-cost Hotel sectors. India’s largest budget hotel chain and its one of the most preferred hotels booking destinations for a vast majority of students in the country. The hotel chain offers many benefits which include early check-ins, Couple rooms, ID card flexibility and more. Oyo Clone Rooms does a Stay UNCLE, launches OYO’s Relationship Mode-hotel rooms for unmarried couples. 

On OYO Rooms Relationship Mode, Customer get to see only those listed hotels that are welcome to unmarried couples. These hotels allow unmarried couples even with local IDs to check in without any hassles. OYO Rooms are specially designed to give you a unique and distinctive accommodation experience. Each one is built in a way that corresponds to its beautiful surroundings and comes along with the same level of service, amenities, comfort, and convenience that is ensured by OYO managed hotels. The OYO Clone app ensure a better experience for both the customer as well as the Hotel booking business professionals. The Hotel booking apps like OYO Clone lets the customer book their accommodations online in a hassle-free manner. The customer can log in to the OYO Clone app by providing their username and Password or use Facebook. This is User friendly app. Its means that for customer app is intuitive, easy to use, simple and that the customer can rely on this application. Surf for a nearby hotels the customer can search for the nearby hotel booking apps like OYO Clone from their desired location and book their accommodation. 

The customer gets instant alert notifications regarding their booking details via emails. OYO Clone provides Hotel and Rooms and get Free WIFI, Complimentary Breakfast, Early Check-in Sanitized Hotels & Rooms. The Room Management system front-desk module allocates rooms automatically and facilitates a room change. This module includes management of electronic key cards, processing payments, and issuing receipts to guests. The front-office module also allows users to perform night and shift audits. The Multi-Rooms (AC, Non-AC, Small, Medium, Large) booking system is convenient for the User in OYO Clone. Easy Check-in as well as Check-out from the application and also Easy cancellations of Rooms. External facilities such as Local malls, Theaters, etc. Most of the merchants accept online payments options for a payment gateway integration. A payment gateway is a tool that allows merchants to accept online payments. 

Its acts as a bridge or a link between your(merchant’s) website and a payment provider/card network. It authorizes and processes online payments. OYO Clone app offers multiple payment options like PayPal payment. It’s to ensure safe and secured payment. The customer can enable the two-factor authentication in the OYO Clone app to boost the security purposes of their profile and also provided order transactions details, invoice print or mail options. Guests can make numerous purchases and other transactions on the property and its’s important to have them all accurately processed and synchronized to ensure an effortless checkout resulting in customer satisfaction. The customer can get their inquiries and doubts answered by reaching to the dedicated technical support team anytime. The OYO Clone app is followed with Google guidelines to make the website or web application optimized with user friendly. 

i-Net Solutions provided Three Months Technical Support. Also enjoy our free Excellent Technical Support for any Queries or Doubts. Customers can upload their Ratings and Reviews in the OYO Clone app about the service provided or any suggestion has to be done. Rating & Reviews will be helpful for other customers during booking. Star ratings are indicators used to classify hotels according to their quality. For customers, they can lead the decision-making process; for staff, they can help to define best practices and guidelines, as well as helping to attract customers.

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