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Unilevel Investment MLM

Are you interested to start a Unilevel Investment MLM? Then you need a Script which manages all your MLM business. 

i-Net Solution provides Unilevel Investment MLM script that suits your business plan and you can make necessary changes easily without our permission after purchase. The Script is reliable and easy to use.

We develop our scripts with the best functionalities that eases the work of clients. We have 18+ years of market experience in software industry so we develop scripts based on the updated technology that suits all your needs.

i-Net Solution’s Unilevel Investment MLM script allows clients to add new members, add detail, view members list, modify members details, etc. The Members in this plan receive Referral and level commission based on the MLM plan and their investment. Our script is user-friendly and clients can change the contents of the script using the CMS. 

Our Unilevel Investment MLM script has admin panel using which our clients can manage their business plan easily, sending commission, editing the details of members, checking investment, and members plan.
We prioritize our client security so we have developed our script with the best tools and technology. Our scripts are reliable and secure.


Mailing System
Our Script provides email system to all our member, using it all members can mail each other and the admin regarding the MLM Plan and commissions or membership.
Admin Panel
i-Net Solution’s admin panel help our client to handle their MLM business and easy manage all the plan related to it such as accessing the details or modifying it.
Member dashboard
Our Script provides each member with an individual dashboard which helps them to track and understand their investment and their downline members.
Return of Investment
Our Clients can give ROI to the members according to their MLM plan and investment.
User-friendly and responsive
i-Net Solution designs all scripts in a user-friendly manner so clients can use it easily and it is mobile and web responsive.

Why Us
i-Net Solution has 18+ years of online script and Market Experience
We have an Skilled Team with good knowledge
We offer three months Free Technical Support for your scripts
All our Online PHP Scripts are 100% Customizable 
i-Net Solution Offers Lifetime License for all our web scripts


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