Consumer Review Clone Script

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Consumer Review Clone Script

Are you interested in starting an online consumer reviews website then contact i-Net Solution. 

i-Net Solution offers the best Consumer Review Clone Script developed with the best tools and latest techniques. Our Script has multiple categories for different types of market available online.

Our Trustpilot Clone allows clients to manage the categories easily and add new products, services and organizations on the review list easily. The online script allows the consumers to share their experience with the products, services and companies, etc. It allows the online consumers to make purchase in a better way.

Our Scripts are in-built with the secure payment gateways since i-Net Solution has more than a decade of experience in developing and implementing scripts, our scripts are of high quality and has all the required functions to make it user-friendly for the consumers.

The Online Review Management script allows consumers to give their honest opinion on product & Services. Our script helps clients to improve their business by having a good communication and understanding the customers need.

i-Net Solution gives lifetime license to all its clients with 100% customization on its purchased scripts. Our scripts are easy to understand and clients can make necessary changes without any technical support.

Consumer Review Clone Features

Reviews and Ratings
Our Consumer Review Clone allows consumer to review and rate each and every products & services on the website.
Admin Panel
i-Net Solution provides clients with Admin panel through which the clients can view and modify details on the scripts such as products and services.
Advance Search Option
Our Script provides advance search feature for the consumers which saves their time by listing the products & services required to them.
Secure Payment 
We provide the Consumers with the most secure payment method.
CMS Management
i-Net Solution allows clients to make the necessary changes to the contents of the scripts as per their business requirements.

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