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With the rising unemployment rate, job change, employee dissatisfaction, and entrepreneurship due to pandemic, the Indian economy is undergoing a highly unpredictable transformation today. Therefore, freelancing is a new labor culture that has slowly sneaked into people’s mindsets because of its independent lifestyle and universal diversity. The future of freelancing looks bright. Many choose to work according to their choices like where they want, when they want, and the work they choose.

As you know, Fiverr is the world's leading online marketplace for freelance services. Fiverr Marketplace is an innovative online business interaction platform where employers seek the best talent and freelancers get hired for their best skills. This is an online marketplace for freelancers and business people to interact with each other.

Would you like to develop a marketplace platform like Fiverr? We, i-Net Solution provides you with an advanced Fiverr Clone script. With our Fiverr clone PHP script, you can buy and sell services such as digital marketing, programming and engineering, graphics and design, writing, data, and proofreading.

Core features of our Fiverr Clone Script

The profile and dashboard of Freelancer are different from that of the employers.

Freelancer login

  • Users can view the search panel, popular categories, featured services on the Home page.
  • Users can search based on categories, price range, job posted date, and country.
  • User can add their skills and become a seller.
  • Users can view their bids, completed projects, and current projects on their profile page.
  • Users can add their favorite projects to the “Wishlist”.
  • Users can view whether their Email, phone number, and Facebook accounts are verified by the admin.
  • Users should purchase a membership package to view the featured projects.
  • Users can find their bids in the dashboard.
  • Users can view their messages in the inbox.
  • Users can join the community by creating gigs, bidding on projects, and delivering the work.
  • Users will be notified when they get an order.
  • Users are paid on time and payment is transferred upon order completion.
  • Users can write their feedback on the “Contact” page.

Employer login

  • Users can manage the list of projects, list of bids, allocated projects, etc.
  • Users can manage the completed projects and current projects.
  • Users need to purchase a membership package to post featured projects.
  • Users can post projects and assign the project to freelancers who makes better bids.
  • Users can send work proposals to freelancers.
  • Users can view the messages in the inbox.
  • Users can write their reviews to the user on the “Contact” page.

Admin login

  • Admin gets a dashboard that can manage all activities on the website and monitor the users. The dashboard contains the required functionality and permissions that belong to the admin.
  • Admin can view the profiles of all the employers and freelancers.
  • Admin can activate or deactivate the profiles of the users.
  • Admin can manage the categories of employer services and users.
  • Admin can view and manage the bidding projects.
  • Admin can approve or reject the projects and bids placed.
  • Admin can respond to the enquiries of the user.
  • Admin can send messages to the user and view the inbox messages and sent messages.

Why choose i-Net solution’s Fiverr Clone Script?

100% customizable – Our script can be customized based on your business requirements.

Free technical support – i-Net solution provides free technical support for 3 months after the implementation of the project.

Latest technology – We use advanced tools and technology to maintain the performance of your website.

Privacy ensured – In our Fiverr Clone PHP Script, the contact numbers of the freelancer and employer are kept secure to prevent misuse.

Final thoughts

Are you looking to develop your own online marketplace for a freelance service business? Reach i-Net Solution now.


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