Readymade Binary Plan Script

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Readymade Binary Plan Script

A multi-level marketing (MLM) business strategy is a feasible way to go to market. Affordable compensation plans are an important factor to consider when picking an MLM company. Over 72% of the users opt for binary MLM structures. This plan is a perfect fit for MLM leaders as they can extend their downline users in an efficient way. Admin with detailed knowledge about binary MLM structure can win in the business. If you’re thinking of starting your MLM business, then i-Net Solution can help you. There's no need to stress! Our Readymade PHP Binary MLM Script will meet your immediate needs as well as your business's future needs as it scales and grows.

Why choose the Binary MLM structure?
  •  A binary MLM structure has many advantages over the other fundamental types of MLM structures. A binary pay structure is based on two numbers. Two people (right leg and left leg) make up each level of the MLM organization. Once users have recruited two people to join your MLM firm, users will be able to fill the front line and take advantage of viral growth, which is a feature of this payout plan.

Advantages of binary MLM
  •      1.Spillover is a significant benefit in a binary MLM strategy. Each member of the binary plan can sponsor two direct members under him. However, if he wants to sponsor more ids, those ids are inserted in his network as 'spills'.
    2.Binary compensation systems are relatively simple to comprehend. They are also straightforward and appealing to both experienced and new MLM members. The simplicity makes it simple to understand the pay scales that members are assigned.

Core features of our Script
A clear, interactive, and user-friendly dashboard conveys information at a glance using effective data visualizations.
Users can view the events, contact info, and more on the Home page.
Users can view the price of the products, repurchase cost, ratings, description, etc.
Users can view their profile details, total earned amount, withdrawn amount, and available balance.
Users can view their purchase history.
Users can view and edit their profile details. Can also view their ID cards.
Users can add a nominee.
Users can upgrade their membership package. Payments can be made online or offline.
Users can view their received referral bonus for the referrals made by them.
Users also receive a product purchase bonus for every product they buy. Additionally, users can also get an indirect purchase bonus when their downline members buy a product.
Users will get a repurchase bonus if they repurchase a product. Plus, users will get an indirect repurchase bonus if their downline members rebuy a product.
Users will get a level bonus for every completed level.
The sponsoring user receives a commission of a certain percentage from the bonus earnings of downline users they’ve sponsored. This is called the matching bonus. 
Users get the pairing bonus when the binary tree is complete. The pairing bonus will be credited when both the legs are balanced.
Users can also receive a small income by viewing the ads.
Users can receive their bonuses by activating a membership package.
Users can view the structure of the binary tree and the list of downline members.
Users can send a withdrawal request to the admin and cancel the request if needed.
E-Pin is a cutting-edge payment solution that gives you a very secure way to collect payments. For any big transactions or upgrades, our PHP MLM Binary Script assists in generating a secure e-pin.
Users can purchase E-pins and transfer the same to their desired contacts.
In our MLM Binary Plan Script, we provide an E-wallet which is a type of online storage that stores information for E-money transactions without having to go through the user data every time the transaction is made.
Users can view and manage the wallet statement.
Users can view and manage the sent emails, received emails, and read and unread emails. 
Users can view the products added to the cart and wishlist products.

Admin view 
Admin’s dashboard includes shortcuts for typical administrative activities and server information.
Admin can view and manage the rewards of the user.
Admin can view the genealogy of the users. 
Admin can view the purchase history and product purchased by the users.
Admin can manage the available and sold-out stocks.
Admin can view the details of the user and the sponsors.
Admin has sole right to set the referral bonus, level commissions, and rewards to the users.
Admin can change the sliders displayed on the home page.
Admin can edit the bank details. Can view and delete the reviews.
Admin can view and manage the membership packages of the users.
Admin can view all the bonuses.
Admin can approve or reject the withdrawal request of the users.
Admin can view and manage the emails sent and received, mail statistics, etc.
Admin can approve or reject the E-pin purchase request.
Admin can enable or disable the payouts.
Admin can view and manage the ads, and add advertisements to increase the income.
Admin can view the earning reports of the user.

Significance of our script
   1.Our script can be customized to meet your specific business requirements. We have a talented team of developers and experts who can turn your ideas and concepts into reality. Qualified professionals will assist you in finding the best option to meet your objectives.
    2.Ecommerce portal integration for unlimited products.
    3.Our script provides clear and up-to-date information on commissions and incentives received and projected.
    4.Acceptance of Multiple Payment Methods.
    5.You can export all of the system's reports or data to Excel or print them in PDF format.
    6.Users can make a purchase by using an e-wallet.
     7.We offer free technical support for 3 months.

Many schemes have emerged in the MLM industry. However, there are numerous advantages to a binary MLM structure. Contact i-Net Solution for the best MLM Binary Plan Script. Contact our experts today to discover more about how our Readymade PHP Binary MLM Script may help your company and binary MLM structure.

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