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Do you want to start an online business like Alibaba for Business to Business services?

i-Net Solution provides you with the required software to manage your business. In a B2B (Business to Business) service one business makes commercial transaction with another business. Our Alibaba Clone script has Master Admin feature through which you can easily manage the staff details and give them access to the scripts.

The Script is suitable for any kind of B2B business module, it can either be multiple categories or individual business with multiple subcategories. It has secure payment gateway which anyone from the world can use to purchase products or services. We can customize the script according to your requirements.

Our Alibaba Clone script allows you to manage user details by using the admin panel such as name, address, contact number, username, and password. Our script has features such as product management to manage all the listed products, manage business type to manage the type of business listed in the script, membership feature to manage the membership of users such as activate & deactivate accounts, and Group management to manage the types of organization in groups.

We offer Module section in the admin panel for you to send newsletters to users, manage reviews, manage likes & dislikes, and manage the country. i-Net Solution allows you to manage the content of the script using the CMS in dashboard and manage the banners & pictures. The users can buy or sell items using the script and easily manage the products.

The Users can easily list the product and service on the script by purchasing membership plans. They can also search for required products or services from the site and order them easily.


Alibaba Clone Script Features


Master Admin

The Script allows you to manage the staff details and their access to the script.

Client Management

You can manage the details of users such as name, address, phone number, email id, username, password, and product.

Product Management

The admin and the seller can easily manage the product details such as name, type, pricing, and category.


Users can easily purchase membership plans and maintain their plans and renew them if necessary, the admin will approve it from the admin dashboard.

Company Management

The admin can list the companies and their products & services easily using the dashboard, the company details can also be managed such as the name, brand, type, category, and their products or services.

Ad & News Management

You can make an additional income by listing ads on the script. We have a separate section in the dashboard.


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password       : 123456
User name   : admin
Password    : inetsol


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