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What is Multi-level Marketing (MLM)?

MLM is a business model that focuses on the income of self-employed members. With a multi-level marketing company, you can build a network of business partners or salespeople to drive and complete sales. MLM is just entering its golden age, and if you haven't already, now is the perfect time to begin your MLM company. Many MLM companies are successfully operating in the world market.

Growth and Future of E-commerce MLM

With the recent economic crisis, more and more people are choosing MLM companies. Many people are particularly interested in MLM, especially in developing countries, and want to be part of it. This perspective appeals to many because it allows users to become independent. As long as you know what your company's products and services are, and they are not fraudulent, MLM will continue to grow tremendously, especially as the demand for high-quality products grows. People are more independent than ever in their careers.

Why choose Unilevel MLM?

There is only one line of distribution in a unilevel MLM. Every new recruit will be placed under the user. The number of recruits is unlimited, and the commission is determined by the level depth. Every member in their downline has the ability to recruit as many people as they like. This type of arrangement enables a larger and more diverse network of members.

Benefits of Unilevel MLM

It is easy to implement because the structure is easy to understand.

Compensation may be extremely significant if there are good leaders in the downline.

Users can enjoy the benefits of faster bonuses and more residual income.

i-Net Solution offers an advanced MLM Unilevel Plan Script developed by experts and professionals. Rather than building your business from the scratch, make use of our Unilevel MLM PHP Script to launch your MLM business.

Features of our Advanced MLM Script

User side:

Users can register with Referral Sponsor ID and login with profile ID, Email, and password.

On the Home page, users can view attractive banners, your supplements, popular products, etc.

After successful login, users can view their profile details, sponsor details, nominee details, and bank details in the dashboard.

Users can view their current plan details and upgrade their plans.

After upgrading, users can enjoy the benefits of an upgraded plan.

Users can select the products based on categories such as fitness, hair products, skin products, etc.

Users can view the available products, wishlist them, or add them to the cart.

During checkout, users can make payments in four ways

  • Bank transfer

  1. GooglePay
  2. By cheque
  3. By cash

Users can earn in three ways:

Referral commission

  • Level commission
  • Self-referral commission

Users will get paid directly for first-level users joined through their referral. Additionally, they will get an indirect bonus for downline users.
Users will get a self-referral commission when they re-purchase a product.
Users can view their reward status and the bonus details.
Users can view their downline users represented by the binary tree method.
Users can view their orders and payment status.
Users can view their wallet amount and send requests to withdraw their wallet amount. Users can also cancel their withdrawal requests.
Users can manage their mail systems including sent and received messages, and read and unread messages.
Users can send messages to the admin and the other users.
Users can view direct bonus, indirect bonus, received amount, and balance amount.

Admin side

Admin gets a dashboard that can manage all activities on the website and monitor the users. The dashboard contains the required functionality and permissions that belong to the admin.
Admin can view and manage the user details. Admin can update the sponsor details.
Admin has access to all profile IDs and can enable or disable their referral bonus, self-referral bonus, level bonus, cash rewards, etc.
Admin can manage the referral and level commission details of the user.
Admin can view and manage the payments made to the user.
Admin can view and add products to the products list.
Admin can view and manage the supplements and product type.
Admin can view and manage the purchase list of the users.
Admin can view the total payouts and approve the withdrawal requests.
Admin can manage the earning list of the users.
Admin can manage the referral list of users, and search for referrals joined at a specific period.
Admin can view and manage the titles given under the “Knowledge” option. Admin can also add knowledge with title, content, and picture.
Admin can manage the sliders displayed on the Home page and add new sliders.
Admin can view and manage the enquiries of the users.

Significance of Unilevel MLM PHP Script

Instant payout - A well-designed organizational website and payment service is the backbone of any MLM. With our Readymade MLM Software, transactions and payments are processed quickly and efficiently, without delaying the functionality of the entire MLM system.

Free technical support - We offer our clients free support for 3 months.

100% customizable - Our script can be customized and modified according to the needs of our client.

Innovative business solutions - i-Net Solution offers something better than our competitors. We have been working in this area for several years and understand the need to develop innovative MLM business solutions. Our passion for supporting business success has led to providing consulting services to those who want to build their own MLM model.

Easy entry - With our Unilevel PHP Readymade Script, there is no need for any special educational qualification or certification to run your MLM business.


There are multiple players in the MLM market, so you need to stand out from the crowd. So, are you looking to start your MLM business?  It’s easier than you think. REACH US NOW!

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Password: india123

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