Readymade Netflix Clone Script

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The over-the-top (OTT) platform is very popular due to the growing demand and reliability of entertainment. Each OTT platform offers content with a variety of subscriptions, revenue models, and services. Netflix is an online streaming platform that offers a variety of movies and web series as well as original content.

Why use Netflix/Amazon Prime/Disney+ Hotstar?

When comparing OTT platforms and movie theaters the factors to consider are price, convenience, variety, and experience. Movie theaters have an unsurpassed experience associated with them, but Netflix/Amazon Prime/Disney+Hotstar is convenient, affordable, and has a wide array of programs. The first factor to consider is convenience. OTT platforms can be the simplest choice because the average person does not have to leave the house. Even if there are several cinemas in the city, you need a drive to reach them. Cinemas follow a set schedule and the time cannot be changed. Going to see a movie often means having to wait in line, watch commercial ads despite paying, and put up with the noisy people who ruin the atmosphere. These are some of the shortcomings of movie theaters. In OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime/ Disney+Hotstar, People can conveniently watch the movie or series with no fixed time slot.

i-Net Solution offers a Netflix Clone Script to help you get started with your own video streaming platform. This video streaming script is highly scalable and can be customized to match your needs. The Netflix Clone Script comprises all the standard Netflix features, but we will work with you on the changes required for development, design, delivery, hosting, and maintenance.

i-Net Solution provides a complete white label solution for Netflix Clone.

Main features of Netflix Clone Script

The rich contents are grouped into categories, subcategories, and related sort labels. Users will be able to search videos by name, genre, or Title.
Users can sort content by genres such as comedy, drama, horror, and romance.

Users can view the description of the videos before watching.

Users can like, dislike, and assign their ratings to the videos, based on a 1-5 scale. They can even write reviews about the video or audio content.


Users must select a subscription plan to view the massive content.

My uploads

Users can find the videos uploaded by them on the “My uploads” page. They can edit or delete the uploaded content.
Users can add new videos and provide the details and description of the video content.

Wallet list

Users can maintain their mobile wallets and perform transactions with others.


Users can edit or update their profile information.

Admin Panel

In the dashboard, the admin can view the categories of the uploaded content.


Admin can access the entire user list and add new users.


Admin can view the categories of the content and add new categories. They can edit or delete the category.


Admin can access the uploaded TV shows and user-uploaded shows. They can edit, delete, and add new shows to the list. 

Admin can add the episode list of the uploaded shows.

Admin can view the content uploaded under different genres. 


Admin can manage the subscription plans. They can add, delete or update the plans.


Admin can access the app settings, AdMob settings, and notification settings.

Significance of our script

End-to-end customization
End-to-end customization allows you to completely rebuild your Netflix Clone to meet your needs and business expectations.

Money-making platform
This business-grade Netflix Clone is designed for entrepreneurs looking for cash in the OTT platform and quickly spike their asset index. This is made possible by the ability to create all types of subscription plans and activate them instantly.

Free technical support
We provide you with free technical support for three months.

Concluding notes

Would you still want to wait to launch an on-demand video streaming platform? Better not! Because we are here to put forward the best-in-class Netflix Clone. Get our advanced Netflix Clone Script php to create your own video streaming platform.

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