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               We have designed a script that facilitates you to create your video-on-demand software like Netflix. The Netflix clone will take you through the experience of changing your needs like design, development, deployment, hosting, and maintenance. This script is stacked with numerously stunning features. These OTT scripts are nowadays reaching heights and would be helpful for you to get profitable revenue.

                The script has a well-developed page for the user’s to register and enjoy the service provided by the admin. The users are requested to fill in the information with a valid email address and password. It has another optional storage that allows the user to register his name and phone number. The user can log in with a registered email and password. And can also change it using forgot password option.

                  The home page is the most important for any page design since it is the first impression created by the website in the minds of the users. The homepage of this script has the menu, movies, TV Serial, etc, by clicking any of the options mentioned above. Few featured videos can be streamed premium. These can be selected through various categories list such as genres popular, featured, action, etc., videos will be displayed. All the videos contain video details that can be seen by the users.

              Netflix has a well-established video viewing experience, so its clone script needs to be the same. Our script has an equally effective and unique viewing experience. The users can see full details of the video while watching or placing the cursor onto it. The option for related videos to make the viewing experience better, we have developed it at the bottom of the page to be viewed by the users. The option to play, pause and stop is usually added. There are options to give ratings in stars, to like or dislike a particular video, etc., Option to add watch list and the most interestingly we have added option to download the viewers to view it later on.

              The profiles are made to be semi-private options opted by the users to use and customize their profile for a private watching experience. In this, the users’ are enabled to list out the videos they want to see later. These videos listed out by the user have been categorized under the WATCH LATER category. Some videos can be downloaded from the mainstream and will be stored in the download category.

             The management of videos is now made easy with this script which enables to manage TV shows or any episodes for that matter. There is an option added to manage movies, news, and sports videos. There is the option to upload various categories for a better viewing experience. We have designed our script with legal terms and conditions which states that the option is set for the video with few age restrictions and also gender restrictions.

             This script offers a wallet that is fully secured and made easy to pay or buy any products in the software. This offers the user to create a wallet by user to add and check the balance of their respective accounts. There are options to subscribe to watch premiered videos. The Paypal gateway has been integrated for this option. It has the option to transfer the wallet amount to other app users through a mobile number. The transfer history list will be displayed in this column.

               This script has an option to adjust the setting. This option enables or disables the push notification. The setting is used to modify the option of setting up the age restriction, gender restriction videos, etc. It also helps in clearing cache in the website to free up unused memories. There is an option to share and rate the app. We also added the mandatory options like privacy policy and about us.

              The Admin plays important role in managing this software. The admin must log in with a valid user name and password. The admin has autonomous authority over the user by managing the profiles. The categories can also be managed by adding, editing, viewing, and deleting the categories. The admin can manage Tv shows and their episodes by adding, editing, viewing, and deleting. The admin can also manage the movies by adding, editing, viewing, and deleting. There are few other options like managing sports, news, audios, subscriptions plan, etc.

           The admin has an access to manage privacy policy, app description, and site currency. There are options to manage user login type (i.e) email and phone. There is an added option to send push notifications to all the app users.

            We offer you one year of technical support and six months of free upgrades for the source code and will provide you the entire source code.

If you still have any queries feel free to contact us.

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