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by admin in on December 12, 2020
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Social Blog is a script style, designed to share news, events, or simply what you want, through publications of 140 characters, and may refer to other users, create hashtag and share with other site users. a part of it can upload images, videos from youtube . Follow other users, send direct messages .


Users can follow other users and they will receive notification whenever they post any news. Users can also add the posts to their favorites .Users can report the posts and the admin will take the prompt action. From the admin panel the admin can add/update the data.SEO Optimization is also done admin can add their keywords in admin side.


We can assure you that nowhere in the market will not provide the best Social Network script with the affordable price. From various analyses in market we have developed Social Blog Script is developed with finest developer.
• Send Message Direct or private.
• Customizable Profile Page.
• User can Comment on other users posts.
• User can login with their username or email.
• User Validation by mail.
• User can change the colour and position of the background.
• User can maintain a private profile.
• User can also find people .
• User will also get suggestions to follow.

We have developed all most all features in the script to kick start your business in the market. We are also providing customization to our client by understanding their business goal and customize the product for them.


• Customizable Profile page.
• Real Time updates on page index.
• Real Time updates on discover page.
• Real Time updates on search page.
• Video can be uploaded from youtube.
• Users will have two types of account normal and verified account.
• Admin can set keywords and description for seo.
• Manage users reported.
• Manage posts reported.
• User can add the posts posted by the users as their favorites.
• Admin can set the message /post length.

2. Why you need to Buy

We are having more than 16 years experience on the Social network script. We have more than 400 plus product, but is still highly recommending script to many clients. We have finest developer and requirement analyses’ with great knowledge on the analysis the client requirements, with various analysis we have developed the advance feature of Social network in the Social Blog script. We can assure you with our power design and business login in the script will give world class experience on using the Social Blog Script.

3.Features and Functionality

User can able to be the part of the Social Blog site with free of cost, there is no registration fee. After Registration User can login with their username and password they have given at the time of registration.

3.1 User Dashboard

After login user can view the recent post and user will get suggestions who to follow and user can post their post and user can comment on other posts. User can whom they have followed and users who have followed them and user can also see their favorites. The List will be
• Message.
• Discover.
• Interactions.
• Settings.

3.3 Message

In Messages , user can see the messages which has been sent by other users and they can reply for the message.

3.4 Discover

In Discover, User can see the real time updates and the news from the recent post.

3.4 Interactions

In Interactions , User can see their account activities who has followed him, who has mentioned him in a comment.
3.5 Settings
In Settings, User can see the overall details of their account.
• Profile.
• Edit profile.
• Settings.

3.5.1 Profile

In profile , user can see their profile details,location and about them.

3.5.2 Edit Profile

In Edit profile , user can edit their profile details.

3.5.3 Settings

• In Settings , user can change the functionality of their account . User can choose whether their account should be private or public and the posts posted by them can be viewed by everyone or for only selected peoples.
• User can also change password for their accounts.
• User can change the design of their profile page by selecting the list of designs.
• User can also delete their account.

4. Admin Functionality

Admin will get all option to edit and add in to the system. Admin can view the list of option in the system. Easily accessible admin panel so admin can view all the site statistics on the dashboard. Admin have full authority to control the site.

4.1 Admin dashboard

On the admin dashboard the admin can change the information of the site name, keywords, description, messages length ,post length ,icons color and icons background color. admin can see the latest users list. Admin can add users with the admin functionality.
• Pages.
• Users.
• Posts Reported.
• Users Reported.
• Advertising.
• Password.

4.1.1 Pages

• Admin can add pages.
• Admin can edit the page content.
• Admin can delete the pages.

4.1.2 Users

• Admin can see the user details.
• Admin can change the user’s account to normal account or verified account.
• Admin can see the status of the user.
• Admin can change the status of the user.
• Admin can edit the user details.
• Admin can delete the user .

4.1.3 Posts Reported.

• Admin can view the reported posts.
• Admin can view the reported user profile.
• Admin can view the reported post.
• Admin can delete the reported post.

4.1.4 Users Reported

• Admin can view the reported users.
• Admin can view the reported user profile.
• Admin can view the user profile of the user who has reported the user.
• Admin can delete the reported user.

4.1.5 Advertising

• Admin can change advertising image and the link.

4.1.6 Password

• Admin can change the password of his account.


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