Single Agency Transit GPS Tracking Software

by admin in on November 6, 2020
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Vehicle Tracing Application motto is to find the relevant location from the source and destination, through this people could get accurate location basis via GPS in case of any emergency. We have built this android app to support multipurpose vehicle management system either personal or commercial utilization. It is now essential one and get handy information at glance, since sort of importance is needed.


In vehicle tracking android application, driver management plays important role. Drivers are allowed to sign up with fundamental details like personal detail, vehicle details, and driving license etc. Registered driver can have profile dashboard where driver can view or update personal detail, profile image, subscription details. Driver features includes, driver needs to add the route for pick up the students, adding time schedule for the route with multiple routes and time schedule, driver can accept or reject the parent pick up request, on absence of students driver will get notification from the parents, as well as getinstant notification about any emergency from parent, school management and admin. Live tracking enables via GPS. Driver can pay for admin via secure payment gateway like Payumoney.

Parent can have clear dashboard with registering phone numbers in tracking app, parent can add number of children including name, school, class, section, student images etc. Easy to choose pick up and drop location of the students. Since parents need to search the route id to make pickup request from the driver, on approval from the driver parent can track the vehicle on real time notification. In emergency cases, parent can alert the driver to pick or drop students.

School management can have direct contact with the driver, parents and admin in any cases. Management can update their information like school name, phone numbers, email id etc. School management can access lists of students, parents belong to the school. Right to send important updates parent’s app. Also track the lists of vehicle those who have picked up their school students accordingly.

Admin plays is the top most priority in the website. Admin can manage the students, parent, school, driver details also can edit or delete the profiles. After completion of verification admin will active the driver profile and manage the driver payment details, subscription details, number of days left for subscription. All functionalities are managed under one place. At a time one school vehicle can track in map, on any cases parent will get SMS from the admin.


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