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by admin in on November 22, 2020
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Sell System is an advanced script where you can earn money by starting your own digital store allow clients to buy items and earn a profit .Sell System includes a complete client area with Listed items, Categories, Announcements, Testimonials, Pages, PayPal, Bitcoin (CoinPayments), reCAPTCHA integration. This application was built with advanced modules and many more powerful features for complete video website management. Furthermore, it also supports CSS3, HTML5 and Bootstrap 3 Framework that help use refined any device with semantic accuracy and highly customizable PHP based (Code Igniter) application.


Advantage of Sell System Script

We can assure you that nowhere in the market will not provide the best Sell System product script with the affordable price. From various analyses in market we have developed Sell System script is developed with finest developer.

  • User Friendly and Attractive Design.
  • Two Types of payement process is done.
  • User can install their own theme also.
  • User Can Post any types of items.
  • Admin Can Post Announcements About the New products.
  • It also Allows payment through bitcoins.
  • It Allows the users to upload a file in zipped format.
  • It Allows to add as many pages as user wants.
  • It also Allow Google recaptcha integration.

We have developed all most all features in the script to kick start your business in the market. We are also providing customization to our client by understanding their business goal and customize the product for them.

Core Features

  • Attractive and Cachy Design.
  • Search is done via item keyword,name..etc.
  • Listing of Digital Items.
  • It allows to post paid and Free Listing items.
  • Files Can be downloaded in zip format.
  • Category Management.
  • Announcement Management.
  • Testimonials Management.
  • reCaptcha Integration.
  • Pages Management.

Why you need to Buy

We are having more than 18 years experience on the Sell System script. We have more than 400 plus product, but is still highly recommending script to many clients. We have finest developer and requirement analyses’ with great knowledge on the analysis the client requirements, with various analysis we have developed the advanced Sell System script. We can assure you with our power design and business login in the script will give world class experience on Selling and Buying the items.

Features and Functionality

1.User Functionality

User can able to be the part of the Sell System site with free of cost, there is no registration fee. After Registration User can login with their username and password they have given at the time of registration.

2.User Dashboard

After login user can view the user’s dashboard, where user will get overall details of their information.The List Will Be

  • User Profile.
  • Dowloads .
  • Settings.
  • Deposit History.
  • Deposit.
  • Statement.

3.User Profile

In profile, user can view the details they have been given.


In Downloads, user can download the files of another Scripts.


In Settings, User can change their profile pictures their details which they have given at the time of register.User Can Change their Password and user can see their email notifications which has been sent by other users.

6.Deposit History

In Deposit History, user can see how much deposits they have made at what day they have made wheter it is completed or not and by which mode their payment is made.


Admin will get all option to edit and add in to the system. Admin can view the list of option in the system. Easily accessible admin panel so admin can view all the site statistics on the dashboard. Admin have full authority to control the site.

1 Admin dashboard

On the admin dashboard the admin can view the list of number of count of,

  • Statistics
  • Users Area
  • Site Info
  • Settings

2 Statistics

Statistics consists of basic functionalities of admin side,

  • Dashboard
  • Admin Items
  • Categories
  • Sales

3. Dashboard

In Dashboard , the admin can see overall earnings, sales, users balance, total no of users, total no of items, categories, Announcements and pages.Admin can also view the earnings of the recent users ,recent users who have joined and their performances

Admin Items

In Admin Items, the admin can add items which will be displayed in the product side .

  • Admin can add items.
  • Admin can activate and deactivate the items.
  • Admin can delete the items.
  • Admin can edit the items.


In Categories, the admin view the categories,

  • Admin can add the category.
  • Admin can edit the category.
  • Admin can active or deactive the category.
  • Admin can Delete the category.

5. Sales

In Sales, the admin can view the total sales done by the user.

  • Admin can add view the sale details
  • Admin can active or deactive the sale details.
  • Admin can Delete the sale details.

6. User’s Area

In User’s Area admin can do the User’s Management and other Functionalities

  • Users.
  • Downloads.
  • Invoices
  • Transactions

7. Users

In User management ,admin can perform the over all user management.

  • Admin can add the user.
  • Admin can edit the user details.
  • Admin can Delete the user.
  • Admin can Activate or deactivate the user.


In Downloads ,admin can see the Downloads of the user.

  • Admin can see the download details of the user.
  • Admin can Delete the downloads of the user.
  • Admin can Activate or deactivate the downloads of the user.

9. Invoices:

In Downloads ,admin can see the Invoices of the users.

  • Admin can mark the invoice as paid or not paid .
  • Admin can Delete the invoice of the user.


In Downloads ,admin can see the transaction of the users.

  • Admin can mark the transaction as paid or not paid .
  • Admin can Delete the transaction of the user.

Release Information

  • Price


  • Released

    November 22, 2020

  • License
    For use on any personal, commercial, or client projects.
  • Category
    Classified Script

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