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by admin in on November 30, 2020
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Money system is a much simpler & convenient way to send money online rather than going to bank or other ways. It will help to keep your account more secure & reliable. Enjoy safe online payments through Money System. This system is similar to larger payment services like PayPal or Stripe. Money System is an online payment gateway that ensures smooth and secure transaction from the pre-payment to the pay-out process.


It is very difficult to remain thousands of miles away from the people you love & care a lot. But it should not be difficult to send money to your nearest & dearest ones. Hopefully, it will be easier now with the Money System. You can deposit money in few minutes with multiple currencies and multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Coin Payments and much more.


We can assure you that nowhere in the market will not provide the best Money transfer script with an affordable price. From various analyses in market, we have developed Money System Script is developed with the finest developer.

  • 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Email/Phone verification
  • Manual Deposits & Payouts.
  • Know your customer (KYC).
  • Address verifications.
  • Identity verifications.
  • Fees & Limits.
  • Preferences.
  • Roles & permissions.

We have developed all most all features in the script to kick start your business in the market. We are also providing customization to our client by understanding their business goal and customize the product for them.

Why you need to buy

We are having more than 18 years experience on the money transfer script. We have more than 400 plus product but is still highly recommending script to many clients. We have finest developer and requirement analyses’ with great knowledge on the analysis the client requirements, with various analysis we have developed the advance feature of Money transfer in the script. We can assure you with our power design and business login in the script will give world class experience on Money System.

Features and Functionality

1.User Functionality

User can able to be the part of the Money System site with free of cost, there is no registration fee. After Registration User can login with their username and password they have given at the time of registration.

2.User Dashboard

After login user can view the user’s dashboard, where the user will get overall details of their information.The List Will Be
• Dashboard.
• Transactions.
• Send Request.
• Disputes.
• Ticket.


User can see all the transactions they have done whether it is completed or cancelled. User can also filter searches by date ,status, transaction type and by currency.


User can transfer money to any registered or unregistered users. Unregistered users can see their money once they signup. Admin can block, refund for any illegal issues.Registered users can request money to any Registered or Unregistered users. Request receiver has the option to approve the request or cancel it.


User can contact with merchant through Dispute option if user have any claim about their product. Administration can take action with discussion on both parties.


Ticket system is better way to dealing with users about their issues where user can report or ask questions on various issues. If user have trouble with the payment or product, you can use this option as help.

7.Currency Exchange

User can exchange any currency from the wallet. Can set exchange type as Local/API. Based on each currency exchange rate, the amount will be converted and added on user wallets. Admin can see details about the exchange in Currency Exchange.


Registered users can make a deposit into the Money System. With our system payment methods, user can do a deposit. User can select in which Wallet they want to deposit the amount.


User can create merchants. We have two types of merchant- Standard & Express. Standard type user can create merchant and generate merchant payment form. By this form, user will get the pay now option & do the payment to the merchant. Express Checkout gives your buyers a simplified and secure checkout experience using API that keeps them local to your website throughout the payment process.

Admin Functionality

Admin will get all option to edit and add in to the system. Admin can view the list of option in the system. Easily accessible admin panel so admin can view all the site statistics on the dashboard. Admin have full authority to control the site.

1.Admin dashboard

  • Dashboard.
  • Users.
  • Merchants.
  • Transactions.
  • Deposits.
  • Payouts.
  • Transfers.
  • Currency Exchange.
  • Request Payments.
  • Revenues.
  • Disputes.
  • Tickets.
  • Verification.
  • Currencies.
  • Settings.

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    November 30, 2020

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    For use on any personal, commercial, or client projects.
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